or more than three decades - spanning IBM 360 mainframes to today's state-of-the-art Web-based e-commerce - IDNY has been designing and implementing creative database and software solutions for a full range  of business services across a broad gamut of  industries. What distinguishes IDNY from other        consultants is not so much its technical expertise, but rather its uncanny ability to quickly grasp the   nuances that are unique to a given business and its corporate culture.
IDNY's  experience in trouble-shooting systems has generated proprietary knowledge about underlying data structures that recur as "themes," even in unrelated industries. As a result, IDNY has constructed its own extensive library    of diverse software routines. These proven subprograms enable IDNY to rapidly tailor a system to a client's specific business needs. 
IDNY uses the Pick-based D3 database operating system by Raining Data Corporation (formerly Pick Systems) as the foundation for many of its solutions. Most Pick operating systems are adaptable and exportable to other common database systems. Pick operating systems require less disk storage than most other databases, access  records faster, can update easily and automatically, and provide more precise sets of calculations.  What's  more,
IDNY has  developed its own software that enables it to seamlessly integrate Pick functions with other applications -  including e-commerce.


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"IDNY set up our entire system. [IDNY President] Hank Golomb was involved in the process from planning to installation to making it operational.  He knows our business, he knows our industry, and he not only solves our problems, but he has an amazing way of anticipating them.  His remarkable programming ability has allowed us - as a business organization - to adapt the computer to our needs, rather then us having to adapt our processes to the computer's parameters." - John Begue, Controller, Everlast Sporting Goods. "We've worked with other companies and consultants, and no one is better then IDNY. There isn't a programming problem they can't solve!" - Gary Herald, President,  Ambassador Books
"A few years ago, we put in what we call the 'Hank System.'The beauty of the system is that it allows us to keep enormous histories without taking up too much space.
Year-ends are now a dream, mistakes are easily correctable, the system is incredibly user-friendly, and IDNY built us a lovely bridge to Excel" - Solly Tropper, Principal, Coda Resources Ltd.
IDNY focused on the areas that helped make our business more efficient and more profitable.  They put us into a system quickly because they were able to understand our business." - Dominique Brown, Executive VP, Quick International Courier